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Yoga Athletic is my entire compilation of yoga workouts designed to increase your overall mobility, strength, balance, endurance and flexibility. Each video has a special theme and focus to give your body what it needs to be strong, supple and resilient. Start your at-home practice today with my signature collection of yoga workouts!


Develop a personal home-based yoga practice

Get fit - no matter your schedule, preferences or experience

Personalize your practice so it adapts and evolves with you and your schedule

Cultivate a smart, efficient well-rounded practice in as little as 30-min/day


A comprehensive yoga video library thats yours to keep forever

An expert by your side for ongoing support, guidance and feedback

Strategies to help you overcome barriers to your success

A learning experience and training approach designed for real life


Below are the yoga videos included in the course


Each class is designed to mobilize, strengthen, balance and energize the entire body.

Created to maximize time & results. Every video is about 30 mins, including warm-up and cool down.

Every sequence is artfully crafted and guided by a theme, movement pattern, or major area of the body.

Best of all, each yoga video is yours to keep forever as part of your at-home yoga video library.


Here's a breakdown of the course in four 1-week sections:

Week 1: Mastering The Fundamentals
  • The main objective for the first week is to uncover the best ways to dramatically improve your posture. You’ll learn how to master basic postures and transitions. Your first set of yoga videos will focus on accessible, all-around yoga practices created for all levels.
  • You'll spend this week setting up your home practice space. Topics include: the right tools/props, enhancing your audio setup, the ideal practice floor and creating an optimal yoga practice environment.
  • Learn how to master the art of starting, incorporate simple methods for keeping yoga accessible and begin to setup rituals to automate seamless transitions in and out of your practice.
  • You'll also receive a movement assessment to find out where your general strengths, weakness and imbalances reside. Using results of your assessment, I'll tailor the course further with supplemental protocols and exercises to keep you at your peak, in balance and well-rounded.
  • During our private coaching session, I'll teach you a "5-min Practice" - a personalized sequence made specifically for you as a go-to sequence whenever you're short on time. Use it anytime as a warm up or cool down, to gently wake up and decompress your spine, energize the body and calm the mind.
Week 2: Beyond The Basics
  • This week's yoga practice will dive into every major area of the body. Your yoga videos will go deeper into the hips, shoulders, hamstrings, back, and core.
  • The main objective for this week will be to supplement your practice by developing the one skill that will significantly improve your upper body strength and mobility. We’ll address the big missing puzzle piece in yoga and incorporate it into this week's movement practice.
  • During our coaching session, we'll continue to refine your "5-min Yoga Practice" and start breaking down poses and skills you want to tackle and master.
  • Learn how to take time and explore postures safely and discover the importance of using the breath in your practice


Week 3: Strong And Grounded
  • The main objective for this week will address the one thing you need to make progress with your practice: consistency.  We'll explore ways to keep you motivated, stay challenged and excited to get back on your mat.
  • Your yoga practices this week will explore healthy movement patterns. Your yoga library will contain a nice blend of strength-building and restorative sessions on your mat.
  • Now that you're starting to build a regular practice, we'll keep the momentum going by optimizing the mental framework that surrounds your practice. We'll look at healthy approaches to practicing, defining success and create a plan for setbacks.
  • Topics we'll cover during our private coaching session will include how to supplement your time off the mat with specific mobility work and effective protocols designed to compliment your yoga practice.


Week 4: Elevate Your Practice
  • The main objective for your final week is to find ways to elevate your practice by learning how to listen to your body. I'll show you how to set intentions, how to let go of expectations and lean confidently into the edges of your practice.
  • I'll complete your yoga video collection with yoga practices that explore a variation of different themes - cardio, balancing, play and creative use of props.
  • We’ll take those building blocks from all you've learned so far and I'll show you ways on how to integrate play and basic improvisation techniques into your movement practice.
  • Now that you're setup up with the right foundation for a thriving practice, we'll take a final assessment and plan your next steps so you are confident with the yoga journey ahead.


3+ more videos! I'll include my Power Yoga classics into your library to supercharge your at-home practice.

You'll also receive the alternative 30-min, 45-min, and 60-min versions of each video too!


You're in good hands! Hear what my clients have to say...

"Absolutely love your yoga style. It has a great flow, it is challenging and relaxing at the same time. The instruction is clear and I can follow it just by listening. I have been actively doing it 3-4 times a week in my busy schedule and seeing and feeling an amazing difference. Thank you Mark!"
"Just wanted you to know that my group of friends and I are all going through your yoga course together and we LOVE it."
I never really understood what yoga was all about until I started taking your yoga course Mark. Thx for bringing so much energy, vitality and positive vibes into my life!

"I NEVER EVER, EVER thought I could do yoga. Started with this slowly at first, now a few weeks in I am doing SO well. I coud never have imagined I would be so flexible at my age! Thank you Mark for your teachings."

I have come to love starting off my mornings (a few times a week) and going through the yoga course workouts with you Mark. THANK YOU!


Wonderful course! I have been looking for a way to get back into a regular yoga practice and this is definitely the best I've found. Thank you!!!!


Hi, I'm Mark Gonzales Pura

My love for movement comes from an ongoing 15-year yoga practitioner & teaching practice. My background is also influenced by gymnastics, circus arts, basketball, rock climbing, capoeira, kickboxing, parkour, and numerous styles of dance. My teachings reflect a harmonious blend of all these disciplines infused with my passion for wellness, travel, nature, music, and art.

I believe yoga starts to produce amazing results when you cultivate the practice into private sessions at home. With my signature approach to yoga, I can help it become more frequent, potent, dynamic, and even a playful experience. I’ll provide you with everything you need for a great yoga session, all you have to do is roll out your mat!


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• Are you bored and feeling stuck with the same yoga and group fitness classes in your area?
• Have you been on the lookout for the right yoga teacher or movement specialist to put you on the right track?
• Are you constantly jumping from one workout program to another... and another... and another? 
• Do you struggle with practicing yoga or exercising consistently, even though you know what to do?

If so, this course was made especially for you!

The program is designed for All Levels.  Anyone regardless of prior yoga experience can benefit, even beginners! 

I recommend setting aside a bare minimum of 30-min a day (with one day to rest) per week for practice work. Ideally 1 hour daily is recommended.

Your time will be spent practicing yoga using videos provided and to digest/research weekly movement projects. Weekly assignments and coaching sessions aren’t mandatory but highly recommended to get the most out of the program.

All yoga classes are pre-recorded. All your weekly private coaching sessions are LIVE with me though!

At the end of the 30-day program, you'll develop the  confidence in your ability to practice yoga safely at home. We'll build up your practice with a comprehensive yoga video collection that's yours to keep forever.  

You'll discover proven methods for building a consistent practice and you'll walk away with strategies to help you overcome barriers to making progress with your practice.

Absolutely! They’re yours to keep forever as part of your at-home yoga video library.


My return policy is short and sweet. There's no risk ever to give my products a shot, so go ahead and kick the tires at no-risk to you. I’m on a mission to improve people's lives, so if you don’t find any benefits and you're not satisfied with your purchase, just send me a written request within 7-days and I'll issue back a full refund - no problem!




Complete Yoga Video Library
30-day Course Format
Home Practice Guide
Getting On The Mat Strategies
Unlimited Online Support

BONUS: 3+ Power Yoga Videos

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